Patient Participation Group Meetings

We are currently looking for patients to join our Patient Participation Group and we warmly invite you to join us.

The Patient Participation Group aims to provide a voice for our patients, to better allow us to understand the patient perspective and for the patient to provide insight to the quality of our services. Your comments and experience of Manor Road Surgery are highly valued.

In order to obtain a wider range of views and suggestions and to be representative of the local community we are inviting all ages, nationalities, genders, abilities and religions to join the PPG.

We would like to invite you to have a voice in your practice, to become a member of and be part of your PPG. Come and join us and make a difference.

Meetings are currently taking place via Zoom, approximately every 3 months. Ordinarily meetings are held in the surgery of an evening. The meetings are relaxed and informal, with an agenda with various topics for discussion.

Any patients wishing to make any comments/suggestions for items to possibly be discussed at the meeting, or if you would like to join us please e-mail the surgery